Lego Tales
Challenge: Creativity is in crisis today: while the world of tomorrow demands creative skills, we are spending less time in creative pursuits. We are in danger of raising a generation of kids who are less creative, curious and happy. Create a powerful idea that puts creative play back on the agenda and show how kids can realize great things when they are left to play.

Insight: Kids are spending more time with their phones and at younger ages then ever before. Children in the united states spend an average of 5 hours on their phone's a day. The smartphone decreases creativity. Losing physical connection and creativity with hands on objects. 

 Idea: Let the smartphone be a tool to increase kids creativity. An interactive platform where kids can use their lego in the co creation of an ongoing lego series. The platform suggests objects that need to be build with the brick, accept the job, build with your own imagination and creativity, scan your creation and let it become part of the Lego series. 
Explaining a creation in words causes kids to visualize it in their own way. Using online platforms as a tool to connect kids and unlock their creativity through physical interaction. 

Shortlist nomination Future lions 2021
concept/ branding/ art direction​​​​​​​
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