Investigating the impersonal economy 
Food delivery corporations are floating our cities. These fast growing startups are filling our cities with advertisements and logo’s on trams, ferries and in all kind of public spaces.
Next to their visual appearance in public, the delivery drivers and micro mobility also made me question the current economic and social system we’ve put ourselves in.
I wanted to gain a better understanding of how these kinds of innovations affect other important values such as social behavior, solidarity, and the collective use of public space.
Impersonal neoliberalism
I think that humans in this development tend to become software extensions. Working in terms of efficiency and app controlled tasks neglecting social and humane interaction. Spontaneous micro-interactions between people on the street and while shopping is more and more replaced by a speedy efficient interaction between customer and courier.
A short reporter film . Giving a face to our mindless orders. Filmed on a bike. Embracing and (re)personifying the ‘human resources’ involved in this commercial system.
Contributors: Marion Daniels, Wenyinmi(@swaenemi), Charlotte Luciakerr, Francesco Lumo, Eric Dernee, Zev Oosterhout, Pjotr Herda. 
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