Challenge: Research shows that gum disease at an old age can cause diseases such as alzheimer, rheumatoid arthritis and diabetes. 
Insight: Gum disease occurs when you not often take care of your teeth.
Idea: Headline: are you brushing your teeth Alzheimer free?: a test kit sent out by the Ministry of health, wellbeing and sports to ensure you are brushing your teeth correct. Ensuring that you are not likely to get Alzheimer due to gum disease. 
Challenge: The Oude Haven in Rotterdam used to be the centre of slave trading in Rotterdam. Think of an awareness concept for the vistors of the Gelderseplein/Oude Haven to make visitors of the horeca aware of the slavehistory of this neighbourhood and have more understanding for black people. The sender are the joint cafe’s in this neighbourhood, the Oude Haven Cafe’s.
Insight: In those times we saw slaves as cargo and we threatened them likewise. 
Idea: Every horeca at the Oude Haven serves water in a special bottle which shows only how much water slaves drank a day.
(under construction, more projects soon)
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